With Love: Three Views of Our Earth
Artist: Maeda Hiroyo, Rie Aizawa, Natasha Yokoyama-Ramsay


We are a group of three artists from different parts of the world, and we come together to create a love letter, through our art, for our planet Earth and to the souls living on it. We want everybody across the universe to come together as one community and fight for a healthy home, for the sake of our future generations. This group contains four artists from across the universe: A couple sculpture artists using materials that has connection to Earth’s soil, a drawer using materials that were produced by nature. An artist using pen and paint that was collected from Earth’s deep underground, creating mixed media on paper. A photographer using materials that was formed by humans yet produces works that capture the Earth in its natural form. As we all reside from different parts of the world, including Japan and North America, we want to share our messages through art to interpret our love language for Earth and why humans must change their attitude towards how we care for it.


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