Since 2020, the pandemic has caused some changes in our lives, such as having to wear masks. When I was working on my graduation project, I made masks and drew some things I observed in my daily life, using colorful designs to express them. There were over a hundred different colors and patterns. We can match different masks with our outfits and moods every day, and masks can become like decorations. 

Later, there was the Russia-Ukraine war. I felt very sad when I saw the people who died in the war and the ruins of the city. Although the countries where the conflict occurred were far away from me, I still wanted to bring some healing and joy to everyone through my work. This has always been my creative philosophy. Even if people are attracted by my work for just one second and forget their worries, it's still good.

This time, I continued to adhere to this philosophy, but I also applied textile fiber design to interior design and actually made it. The continuous pandemic has made people feel low and unable to live as freely as before. This has led to an increase in the time people spend at home. I believe that home should be a warm, vibrant, and lively place. Even during the pandemic, we can use art and beauty to brighten up our homes and bring some joy. In this exhibition, I have chosen some of my works, some of which were done during my school period and others were done in my free time. In short, I hope this exhibition can bring a little happiness to those who see it.

休廊    月・火

会場    工房親

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