Constructive Relationships-IV 身近なことから

June 17--26, 2022

最終日 17時まで

14:30-15:30 (入場無料)
バイオリンミニコンサート 荒井絵梨

にしよしみ展 Paperwork 

Constructive Relationships-IV 身近なことから 

にしよしみ展 Paperwork     “Constructive Relationships-IV 身近なことから

「どのような社会が住み易い社会なのか」はよく考える事の一つだ。最近、民主主義の真髄が問われ、資本主義の変化の必要性が提唱されている。それは、色々な意味や場合で人権が無視されており、経済的格差が顕著になってきているからであろう。私が信じる民主主義は、Participatory Democracy(参加型民主主義)であるが、これは現実的には殆ど不可能な国家の形だろう。しかし誰もが自由に意見を言え、聞いてもらえる社会は、少人数のグループなら可能であると思う。個人が直接的な影響を受けるのは、身近な小さな社会:家族、友人との関係であるので、そこで信頼関係が確立していれば、住み辛さや生き辛さは軽減されるだろう。


20数年来のテーマである「Constructive Relationships・建設的な関係」は、上で述べた事が私の考えの基本骨格である。では、個人としてどう在りたいのかを考えると、私自身が自分自身を信頼できる存在でありたい。即ち、自分に対し本物の自分で在りたい。自分に嘘をつかない、飾ろうとしない、誤魔化さない。自分が信じる事をする。自分を大事にする気持ちは他の人を大切に思う気持ちと連動する。





Yoshimi Nishi Exhibition: Paperwork “Constructive Relationships: From Something Close to Me”

I often ask myself what kind of society is the most comfortable to live in. In recent years, the idea of democracy has been questioned, and there has been the advocation for changes in the concept of capitalism. The reason for this is that basic human rights have been ignored in many ways and the divide between the rich and the poor is widening. I believe in a “Participatory Democracy,” which would be impossible to adopt to a nation. I, however, believe it is possible within a small society such as your family or a small group of friends. After all, you are most influenced by those who are close to you. 

“Constructive Relationships” has been the theme of my exhibitions for over 20 years. What I expressed above is the core idea of it. I, therefore, ask myself what kind of a person I would like to be: I would like to be a person that I myself can trust. I would like to be true to myself. This is reflected on and connected to your immediate society: caring for yourself leads to caring for others. 

Each exhibition has had a different subtitle. This time it is “From Something Close to Me.” To practice what I believe, I am expressing my feelings and thoughts honestly and intuitively on what I see or experience in my immediate surroundings. I painted/drew on paper with sumi-ink, pastels or acrylics. The paper I used is Nishinouchi handmade paper, an intangible cultural asset of Ibaraki Prefecture, and Arches from France because I think they are genuine



Yoshimi Nishi

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