Sophie Leddick

展示経歴:シカゴ美術館、サリバン ギャラリー、サンタバーバラ現代美術館、Zhou B アート センター、 New Blood Performance Festival、The Arts Club of Chicago、dfbrl8r、Links Hall(シカゴ、イリノイ州)彼女のビデオ作品は、ギリシャのアイズ ウォーク フェスティバル、シカゴ インディー フィルム アワード、ロンドン リフトオフ フィルム フェスティバル、カナダ & 国際短編映画祭などで上映された。2022年グラハム財団(Graham Fundation)から助成金を受け、メキシコシティのラ・タレラ・シケイロスにて展示。

©Photo Collage Sophie Leddick

Sophie Leddick is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is based in performance, film, video, and costume. She earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2018. Leddick has performed and exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Sullivan Galleries, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, IMPACT Festival at the Zhou B Art Center, New Blood Performance Festival, The Arts Club of Chicago, dfbrl8r, and Links Hall, Chicago, IL. Her video work has screened at the Eyes Walk Festival in Greece, Chicago Indie Film Awards, London Lift-Off Film Festival, and the Canadian & International Short Film Festival among others. She is a 2022 grantee from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts for her upcoming exhibition at La Tallera Siqueiros in Mexico City.

Ewelina Skowrońska

版画、ドローイング、セラミック、ビデオ アニメーションを用い、イメージ、オブジェクトを制作。身体、自然、精神性、人間関係の心理学の概念に基づいた日常の経験、神話、詩、思弁的な物語、世界の無形のつながりからインスピレーションを求めています。ロンドン、アイルランド、アメリカ、カナダ、ポーランド、日本と幅広く活躍している。

[within]© ewelina skowronska

Ewelina Skowrońska is a Polish visual artist developing her practice in the fields of images and objects through the use of printmaking, drawings, ceramic, and video animation. Her interests include concepts of body, nature, spirituality and psychology of human relations. She seeks inspiration for her artistic practice in everyday experiences, mythology, poetry, speculative narratives and intangible connections of the world.
Ewelina holds an MFA in Political Science. In 2015 she retrained and specialized in visual arts at University of The Arts London where she graduated with distinction. Ewelina's work has been exhibited in London, Ireland, USA, Canada, Poland, and Japan.

Kioto Aoki

彼女の作品はジョーン フラッシュ アーティスト ブック コレクションとシカゴ現代美術館図書館に所蔵。音楽プロジェクト:オノ・ヨーコ SKYLANDING、青木達の the MIYUMI Project、Experimental Sound Studio Sonic Pavilion Festival、シカゴ現代美術館のSoundtrackなど。キュレーター プロジェクト:シカゴ帯広エクスチェンジ プロジェクト 思考回路•シコウカイロ: 芸術におけるアジアおよびアジア系アメリカ人の文化的ダ会話を再構築。

Sixth Planet from the Sun ©kioto Aoki

Kioto Aoki (青木希音) is an artist and educator using the analogue image and image-making process in photography and cinema to consider the intimacies of sight and relativity. Responding to and formed by observations and experiences of the everyday, she forms a rhetoric of nuanced quietude that explores various mechanisms of spatial and visual acuity. Her photographic work often oscillates between the still and the moving image, attentive to the apparatus of the human eye and the camera. The conceptual vernacular of her work withholds a narrative, redirecting one’s attention circles back to the body in space and time.

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